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schifferknoten's Journal

The Sailor's Knot
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• a weimar rpg •

The year is 1923. Inflation is rampant and nearly any form of depravity can be purchased for a few marks. Political brawls between left and right wing militants are commonplace, society is in flux; however the nation is experiencing a cultural renaissance under the liberal Weimar constitution.
The storyline of this rpg centers around der Schifferknoten, a dance hall and brothel sandwiched between a metal processing plant and a nest of tenements in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin. The establishment's propetier brags publicly about the peculiar and exotic menagerie in her employment, and as a result, der Schifferknoten boasts a clientele as peculiar as its employees.

• This is an original character role playing game, and players are limited to three characters. Characters based on historical figures are allowed but not encouraged.
• Game play is simple. You post a character biography as a comment in the appropriate post; the update is announced in sknoten_ooc. The bulk of the game play takes place in the comment threads following a post in a format similar to a message board rp.
• IM-based roleplay belongs in sknoten_logs.
• Since multiple characters are allowed, players are expected to create and use icons to represent their respective characters while posting. We ask you upload an image that bears some physical resemblance to your character, both photographs and drawings are permitted. Please try to avoid deliberate anachronism and recognizable figures (i.e. celebrities, preexisting characters).
• Write in prose.
• Be nice to one another OC. It makes things easier.
• Tastelessness and depravity of all persuasion is encouraged as long as it is era-appropriate. This isn't a game for the easily offended.
• Make an effort to use proper spelling and grammar.
• While an encyclopedic knowledge of the era isn't requisite, some knowledge of history is useful.
• Finally, don't sass the mods.

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